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From strategy to execution, our winning combination of innovative thinking, scientific design, sophisticated development, and ongoing analysis ensure we’re delivering value to help you grow.

We try to help our customer’s innovation or ideas become a product that people can benefit and enjoy. We share our ideas, knowhow and experiences in the projects. However, we also know how to listen and develop products based on the wishes of a customer.

  • Web Development

    Our web designers and developers are all in-house and ready to design a custom website for you. Just let us know what you have in mind and we will create the website that you've always dreamed of.

  • Mobile Apps

    At Gurningsoft, we take sophisticated simplicity seriously. No matter how massive an idea, our team of designers and developers can distill its most important parts and make it user friendly on mobile devices. Whether it’s a mobile app that allows you to geolocate, send a payment, or conduct a complex operation, we will ensure that functionality is met with top of the line usability.

  • Desktop Application

    Gurningsoft is well known and has won awards for creating and updating applications and software for businesses in Indonesia. Our team of software developers will create the software that you have always wanted!

  • Real Time ERP Integration

    Let Gurningsoft create the perfect ERP Integration solution that will seamlessly integrate a company’s people, processes, applications, and data across an enterprise, enabling the organization to streamline its operations and support business growth.

  • e-Commerce Website Development

    Looking to start own or just want to revamp your current online storefront? Gurningsoft has the perfect blend of team members that will help you sell your products and services online!

  • UI / UX Design

    Gurningsoft understands the magnitude of creating exceptional UI. From sales and marketing to customer adoption and employee connection, its impact is far reaching. As a result, we execute comprehensively with essential research and design processes that ensure we deliver ROI on amazing experiences.

Whether you’re looking to create an informative website for your company or establish an online store for your business, Gurningsoft's talented web designers and developers can help. Already have a website? Promote and improve it with our search engine optimization, content development, and search engine marketing services, or increase its efficiency with our ERP integration.

We Create, Design and Make it Real

Gurningsoft is a full service software development located in Jakarta. We specialize in providing custom software development solutions to businesses throughout the Indonesia.

We don’t see ourselves as just pixel pushers, code junkies, and marketing nerds — we’re professionals. Professionals also provide a great experience for their clients and serve them well.

Software development is always expanding. Adapting to the ever changing and growing technology sector has proven to be the secret to our success. Continually developing new software solutions and solving previously unsolvable problems help our clients grow in today's global market.

Professional software engineering and consulting provided by senior level software developers combined with a dedication to quality assurance will guarantee that you are delivered a solution that will exceed your expectations.

Thanks for stopping by. We hope you like us.


- Team Gurningsoft

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